A Possible OpenSim Pathfinding Implementation

Navigation Mesh

A navigation mesh displayed in an unmodified viewer

OpenSimulator has a good track-record when it comes to actualizing new features. It had support for custom meshes almost immediately, and there was rapid progress on the materials system. Things like support for multiple attachments per attachment point took a little longer, but OpenSim eventually adopted it. One of the larger features we haven’t yet seen an implementation for yet is pathfinding.

Dahlia Trimble, a member of OpenSim’s core developer group, has been quietly working on a pathfinding implementation. While much of its essential functionality is complete, it is not yet ready to be included with OpenSim, and may not be for quite some time due to some rather unfortunate issues with platforms other than Windows. When reading this blog post, it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that I have not personally had the opportunity to make use of this pathfinding implementation. I only know a few things about it based on what I’ve seen and read about it, and from a few rather brief responses from the module’s author. Continue reading