Work Started On Multiple Attachments Per Point



Justin Clark-Casey, one of the core OpenSimulator developers, has started work on getting multiple-attachments per attach point working!

As he says in his tweet, this work is taking place in a separate branch of the OpenSim code. This probably won’t be available in the master branch until Justin is sure it isn’t going to do anything particularly nasty.

Still, this is very welcome. I started spending a bit more time on SL lately when I realized that I hadn’t logged in there in many months and really had lost the “feel” for SL’s environment, physics, etc. Multiple attachments on a single attach point  is one of those things SL has had that OpenSim does not, and which turns out to be very, very handy. Those of us who’ve been ignoring SL don’t notice the lack, but once you make use of it you start to crave it.

Thank you very much for this, Justin!

Also we really, really need a better way to say multiple attachments per attach point. MAPAP? Multiple attachments per point? MAPP? I dunno. But I’ll tire quickly of typing out the whole phrase, for sure. 😉


One thought on “Work Started On Multiple Attachments Per Point

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