Kokua Viewer 3.3.1 Beta-1a Available

Kokua Logo


A new beta release of the Kokua viewer is now available. Due to an intransigant wiki, the downloads are currently available at Nicky Perian’s BitBucket.

Just as with the last release, you shouldn’t expect every whistle and bell in Kokua at this point. But you can help Kokua get to the point where adding your favorite features becomes easier by testing this release and providing feedback at the Kokua Bug Tracker.

Changes in this release include:

  • The 32 and 64-bit Linux tarballs now have libminizip.so included.
  • The 32-bit Linux build now has a more current libndofdev.
  • The 64-bit Linux tarball now has links to some specific libraries.
  • A fix from Firestorm for VWR-29014 resulting in bad avatar bakes with ATI cards.
  • Better large address aware support.
  • Mesh uploads are capped at 64 meters on SL. This has been raised to 256 meters on Opensim.
  • Mesh upload now has a shortcut (CTRL-ALT-U).
  • HTTP Inventory now defaults to off.
  • The Grid manager now assigns “localhost” to

love that there’s now a shortcut for mesh uploads. But if there’s any conflicts with existing shortcuts on your operating system, do be sure to file a bug report.

HTTP Inventory fetching works fine on OpenSimulator 0.7.4,  which is the cutting edge release. But many production grids are using OpenSimulator 0.7.3, and you’ll want HTTP Inventory disabled on those grids or you’ll have odd inventory behavior. Justin Clark-Casey just added a corrected implementation of HTTP Inventory to 0.7.3-postfixes today, so hopefully those grids can upgrade and correct that issue.


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