Zen Released

Zen ViewerThere’s a new version of Zena Juran’s Zen viewer out. This one adds a few new features and removes a few problematic ones. You can always check out for yourself what  Zen Viewer is up to over on it’s BitBucket site.

I tend to be a proponent of web based profiles, but so far as I’ve seen, only OSGrid even has support for these as a grid right now, and you can’t do things like edit your profile via the web version. In the past, Zen has had OSGrid’s profile URL hardcoded into it, but now it has more flexible support for web profiles in the grid manager. Zen has added support for V1 style profiles as well, and this is a very handy thing to have until it gains wider adoption.

I was sorry to see HPA support get removed, although this is far more important to 3DS users than it is to a Blender user like myself. The grapevine tells me that this was removed due to licensing issues. Any sort of import/export option is missed, though.

Here’s a quick summary of changes since the last release:

  • Switched back to Kirsten’s OpenJPEG 2.0.6 library.
  • Added “Show mini icons in chat history” checkbox to the Chat Preferences.
  • Added support for V1 style profiles.
  • Added a Profile URL field to the Grid Manager.
  • Removed HTTP Teleport support.
  • Removed Aurora-Sim Caps TP.
  • Removed HPA Import and Export.

If you wanna grab a copy of this latest release, you can download it here.


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