Kokua needs beta testers!

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Nicky Perian, one of the developers of the Kokua Viewer development team, has put out a call for beta testers. You can find more info on the OSGrid Forums. Nicky is also making announcements of new releases on the opensim-users mailing list.

As many of you may know, Kokua is the successor to Imprudence. Even if you didn’t use it, you almost certainly knew of Imprudence and it’s marvelous stability, well integrated features, and OpenSimulator support. Kokua aims to replicate that, but on the newer Linden Lab® Viewer 3 code base.

Right now, Kokua doesn’t have many whistles and bells. The team is trying to get a basic, stable, and rebranded base together on which to build. Once they have that, they can start adding many of the features we’ve come to love. Kokua has just become beta, and I’ve been using it on a half-way regular basis for a while now. It’s quite stable for me on Windows 7. There’s a very basic grid manager and some OpenSimulator support for things like megaprims. But don’t expect much more quite yet.

I’ve been hard pressed to find bugs to report. But more eyes doing more things will help in that process, and more testers are needed. You can file bug reports at Kokua’s Redmine Bug Tracker, where they’ve been very responsive. It’s a good place to tell them about any issues or feature requests you may have. There are regular meetings on Kokua where you can meet the team and follow Kokua’s progress on 3rd Rock Grid on the region Hoagie every Wednesday at 12:00 pm PST/1:00 pm PDT/20:00 UTC. They also meet on the third Sunday of every month if Wednesday is a bad time for you.

As of this post, the latest builds are available for Windows and Linux. Links to these follow:


2 thoughts on “Kokua needs beta testers!

  1. What a regression compared to the test build a year ago >_>
    Also it seems “the team” is none of the Imprudence devs – sorry, but thumb down.

    • Kokua is currently in much better shape in terms of stability than the highly experimental preview builds from a year ago. Since then, they’ve given it a complete reboot. On my machine, the currently available build has been running very nicely. I can’t speak for the Linux builds. I suspect the 64-bit one might give some people trouble at the moment.

      It’s true there are some new team members, but that’s the nature of many open source projects. McCabe Maxstead is still there, and he was with Imprudence from the beginning. Armin Weatherwax is listed as being on hiatus, I assume because of school or something. My understanding is that Nicky Perian is hardly new, has been shouldering a lot of the load from what I’ve seen lately, and doing a great job of it.

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