Zen Viewer Released

Zen ViewerLet’s start this off with viewer news! Today Zena Juran released a new version of her Zen viewer. Zen is a personal project viewer based on LL’s V3 code, and it offers pretty good OpenSimulator compatibility. It has a grid manager, works well with OpenSim limits and features, and other whistles and bells like a built-in Animation Overrider, LSL pre-processor, chat commands, pie menus, RLV support, Qarl’s deformer, and other stuff I’m likely forgetting.

Zen is currently only for Windows, unfortunately. But Zena has tentatively promised to look into builds for other platforms.

According to the commit log, changes in this release include:

  • Changes to inventory, both on the backend and to the user interface
  • Added some missing strings for OpenSimulator
  • Improved support for Aurora capabilities
  • Added a menu option for “Develop/Render Metadata/Texture Size”
  • Fixed currency not being shown on the About Land access tab
  • Improved the color picker with LSL and hexadecimal values
  • Improved visibility of the Grid Update button
  • An SSL fix
  • Added a slider to the advanced preferences for HTTP GET Requests
  • HTTP Teleport support
  • Rearranged the Develop/Render Menu
  • Added HPA Import and Export
  • Switched to the OpenJPEG 1.4 library

That’s quite a nice pile of stuff. The Zen Viewer doesn’t have a website or blog right now, but you can follow it’s progress at its BitBucket repository. Or you can just download Zen

Sorry about the blurry image… I couldn’t find the logo in a larger size, so had to blow up the icon. Erg!


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